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HiveLights is the national magazine of the Canadian Honey Council. It is published four times a year and is mailed to all the members of our provincial association members. The magazine features articles by honey bee specialists and beekeepers and provides current information on the Canadian honey bee industry.

Hivelights August 2009


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Canadian Honey Council Activities

Heather Clay


CHC Directors Provincial Reports

Board of Directors


Does your transfer plan pass the test?

Glen Cheater


Letter to the Editor



CBRF Grants Announced

CBRF Board of Directors


Pollinating Hybrid Canola in Southern Alberta

Heather Clay


Plants for Bees: Blueberry

Douglas Clay


Update on the development of real-time PCR to quantify co-infections of Nosema apis and Noseam ceranae in honey bees

Karen Burgher MacLellan et al


Is it a bee? Is it a cab? No it's Beecab

Michael Regnier





Prophylactic use of antibiotics

 Paul van Westendorp