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HiveLights is the national magazine of the Canadian Honey Council. It is published four times a year and is mailed to all the members of our provincial association members. The magazine features articles by honey bee specialists and beekeepers and provides current information on the Canadian honey bee industry.

Hivelights August 2003


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 Canadian Honey Council Activities

Heather Clay


 Provincial Reports

CHC Directors


 CFIA sampling procedures

Gail Daniels


 NHP regulations

Diane Gorman


 Outstanding Service to Beekeeping Award from the WAS

Jaquie Bunse


Royal Society Honours Mark Winston

SFU Media & Public Relations


Don Nelson receives Award for Service to Apiculture

Heather Clay


New technology designed to revitalize the comb honey market

Maribeth Fitts


History of Honey Bee Research at the Beaverlodge research station

Don Nelson


A Collaboration With The Bees: The Art of Aganetha Dyck

Sarah Alford


Plants for Bees - Chokecherry

Douglas Clay


Soil FoodWeb and Compost Tea

Ted Leischner


 Nutrition Labelling for Honey

 Heather Clay


 Honeycouncil.ca gets a make-over

 Rudy Gelderblom


 Prince Edward Island - Pesticides and Bees

 Heather Clay


 50th Anniversary of Beaverlodge Beekeepers' Field days

 Don Nelson