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HiveLights is the national magazine of the Canadian Honey Council. It is published four times a year and is mailed to all the members of our provincial association members. The magazine features articles by honey bee specialists and beekeepers and provides current information on the Canadian honey bee industry.

Hivelights November 2010


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 Canadian Honey Council Report

 Heather Clay


 2010 CHC Directors



 National Biosecurity Standard for the Bee Industry

 Heather Clay


 Sponsorship plaque Odem



 Provincial Reports

 CHC Directors


 Small Hive Beetle in Ontario

 Paul Kozak


 Honey in Japan



 CHC and the Rainier Cascade Link

 Heather Clay


 A Tribute to Linda Gane

 Jack Hamilton


 Occupational exposure of beekeepers to mould spores

 Henry Gauvreau & Denis McKenna


 Economically motivated adulteration in honey

 John Beauchaine


 2011 NA Beekeeping Conference & Trade Show