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HiveLights is the national magazine of the Canadian Honey Council. It is published four times a year and is mailed to all the members of our provincial association members. The magazine features articles by honey bee specialists and beekeepers and provides current information on the Canadian honey bee industry.

Hivelights November 2012

Hivelights November 2012

3  Canadian Honey Council Report    Rod Scarlett

3  CO-OP Honey Packer Report    Bernie Rousseau

4  2012 CHC Directors

4  2013 North American Beekeping Conference & Trade Show    Geoff Todd

5  Regional Reports    CHC Directors

8  Bee Biosecurity Update    Tim Talbot

9  SHB Situation in Manitoba    Rheal Lafraniere

11 CFIA Update on Bee Repellents    CFIA

13  Plants for Bees - Pumpkin    Geoff Todd

17  The Economics of Bee IPM: A Canadian Case Study    Dr. Miriam Bixby

23  American Foulbrood - A Foul Disease    Melanie McLean

25  World News

26  Classifieds