Release of Clothianidin Proposed Pollinator Re-evaluation Decision and Proposed Registration Decision / Publication de projet de décision de réévaluation axée sur les insectes pollinisateurs et de projet de décision d’homologation concernant la clothianid

Health Canada has published a Proposed Re-evaluation Decision for clothianidin for a 90-day consultation period. Please find a copy, of the full re-evaluation document attached to this email.  The final re-evaluation decision will take into consideration any comments received during…
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Update on the re-evaluation of glyphosate / Mise à jour sur la réévaluation du glyphosate

For your information, PMRA has published the following documents regarding glyphosate. The full-length decision document is also attached.  HC Statement Frequently Asked Questions Re-evaluation Decision RVD2017-01, Glyphosate  Bonjour,  Pour votre information, l’ARLA a publié les documents suivants…
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