Temporary Foreign Worker Policy Changes

CHANGES TO HOUSING Following the cross-Canada Primary Agriculture Consultations, several employers identified unintended consequences related to the 2018 Housing Policy changes, such as the inability to obtain housing inspection reports for temporary foreign workers (TFWs) staying in hotels; delayed Labour…
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Upcoming CFIA Costing Survey on Proposed Regulatory Changes from the FLM Initiative / Sondage de l’ACIA à venir sur les coûts liés aux modifications réglementaires proposées dans le cadre de l’Initiative de MEA

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will be seeking feedback from the Canadian food industry on the anticipated economic impacts associated with proposed regulatory changes resulting from the Food Labelling Modernization (FLM) initiative. The FLM initiative would involve amendments to…
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Release of Imidacloprid Proposed Pollinator Re-evaluation Decision / Publication du projet de décision de réévaluation axée sur les insectes pollinisateurs concernant l’imidaclopride

Health Canada has published a Proposed Re-evaluation Decision for Imidacloprid for a 90-day consultation period. Please find a copy, of the full re-evaluation document attached to this email.  The final re-evaluation decision will take into consideration any comments received during…
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