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Surrey, BC
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Honeybee Centre is seeking 6 Apiary Technicians, (NOC 8431) for full time (40+hrs/
wk) employment (14.52/hr) from February 1 - September 30, 2019. Must have minimum of
3 years/ seasons working fulltime on a Canadian style commercial apiary in the min.
capacity of Apiary Assistant or General Farm Worker. Duties include caring for
Honeybees in the appropriate manner, coordinating the production of replacement bees
& equipment; recognizing, reporting, monitoring hive health issues and applying
appropriate treatment/ controls; harvest honey, pollen and bees wax; supervise small
teams of workers; operate and maintain apiary equipment (including fork lifts,
pumps, honey extractors); conduct bee yard maintenance. All applicants must be in
good physical condition and able to work in a team environment. A valid driver's
license may be required for some of the Apiary Technician positions. Positions do
require some evening, night and weekend work. Please email a resume to Frank
Schimunek at
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