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Golden Ears Apiaries Inc., located at 33197 Ito Place, Mission, BC, is seeking 12 Apiary Supervisors at $14.80/hr starting Feb 1,2020 until Oct. 31/2020, working 40+ hrs/week. Apiary Supervisors must have a minimum of 3 seasons working full time (40+hr/wk) in a Canadian style commercial beekeeping operation, and must have a good understanding of honeybee management and have the ability to independently assess hive health and make decisions regarding individual hive management. Also, we require 3 Apiary Technicians at $14.13/hr working 40+hr/wk, from March 1,2020 to Oct.31/2020. Apiary Technicians must have a minimum of 1-2 seasons working in a Canadian style commercial apiary, as an Apiary harvester. Apiary Technicians will be required to assist Apiary Supervisors with day to day colony management, extracting and honey processing. All positions do require some evening, night and weekend work. All applicants must be in good physical condition and able to work in a team environment. English is an asset as well as a valid driving license. Work will be in southern BC ( Fraser Valley). Accommodations available. Contact Carolyn Shipley at
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