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Austin, MB
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Full time seasonal Apiarist Technician (NOC 8252) and Apiary Laborers or Workers (NOC 8431) available
at Busy Bee Apiaries Ltd. honey farm near rural Austin, MB., Road Lane #63074 for the 2018 season.
Apiarist Technician (1 position) and Apiary Laborers or Workers (3 positions). Apiarist Technician: April
2 - Oct.31/2018. Duties: All apiary management like medicating, feeding, harvesting/extracting honey,
maintenance, clean-up, transporting bee colonies, supervisory duties, other duties as assigned. Must
have drivers license. Wages: $13.50-$15.00/hour based on qualifications. No education requirements.
Apiary Laborers or Workers: 1 position, April 2-0ct.31/2018, 2 positions, June 1-0ct.15/2018. Duties:
supervised hive management, harvesting/extracting honey, clean-up, other duties as assigned. Wages:
$11.18-$13.00/hour based on experience. No education requirements. Hours of work for all positions
are generally 08:00-18:00 but longer days are frequent, Monday-Friday and Saturdays as required. Send
resume to Busy Bee Apiaries Ltd. Box 358, Austin MB., ROH OCO, or email:
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