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Austin, MB
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-180 brood boxes with 10 frames drawn comb and a new wax dipped box.
Can sell frames separately. $4/comb or $55/new box with comb.
-450 new wax dipped box $14.77/box
-4- 2500lb. bolt on torsion suspension hubs with 14" tire and rims $550.00
-28ga. galv. metal bent for standard hive lids- 16-3/4"×20-1/4"×1/2" lip
-$4.80/pc.(300pcs)and 4 frame nuc lids 8-1/2"×20-1/4"×1/2"lip-$3.96/pc(200pcs)
- 4 frame nucs with 2016 local queens- call for pricing and availability.
Austin, MB. call: 204-872-2398,
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