Honey Industry

Did You Know?

A single bee colony can produce more than 300 pounds (135kg) of extra honey and this is what is harvested by the beekeeper! [learn more cool facts]

Over 50,000 bees live in a hive!  [more honey bee trivia…]

No reports of Africanized honeybees (AHB) in Canada!

Frequent Questions

How many beekeepers and colonies are there in Canada?
There are over 8,000 beekeepers keeping 720,000 colonies of honey bees? [See statistics below]

Does your province have the most beekeepers? [Learn who does]

Replacement Stock
What countries can queen bees be imported from?
Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, USA, Chile. [View import regulations]

Can package bees be imported from anywhere?
No check with CFIA. [Click here for your nearest office]

Honey export
How can I find exporters of Canadian honey?
Exporters can be found at the [National Honey Board Honey locator site]

What are the opportunities for exporting honey? [The US Honey Market: Opportunities for Canadian Honey Exporters]

Must I be registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency if I sell honey for sale outside of my province.
Yes. [Click for more info]

Do exports of honey to the EU require a health certificate?  Yes.  [Click for more information on CFIA requirements]  Click here for detailed EU regulations

Organic Beekeeping
Where can I get a copy of organic standards for honey?
Click for organic standards

Certified Organic honey has a new nationally and internationally recognised logo.
Click here to see it

Who can certify organic honey? Click here for the list of CFIA accredited certifying bodies

Labelling honey
Can I use the grade name “Canada Number 1” on my label without being registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency? No. [Click for more info]

Where can I get a copy of a nutrition box for honey label?
The Canadian Honey Council is pleased to provide this for you.  Click to download Nutrition Box

Where can I find UPC barcodes?  You must register with GS1 Canada [Click to Register]

Drum standards


Melter Honey – Industry Standards



Ethical Sweetener

What takes the least amount of energy to make… chocolate, snacks or honey?  Honey is the winner by a long shot and is called an ethical sweetener for that reason. [read more]