WHO: Bees Matter

WHAT: National Planting Week

WHEN: June 5-12

WHERE: All across the country

WHY: Help honey bees thrive by providing (more) sources of nutrition – pollen, nectar

HOW: plant your own garden with bee friendly plants; get a free seed kit at

Flowers aren’t just beautiful. They’re also a source of pollen and nectar for honey bees.

– The health of honey bees is impacted by multiple factors. One of those factors is access to nutritious food sources to support their hives.

– The more pollinator-friendly gardens we can grow across Canada, the better pollinators like honey bees will be able to thrive!

With National Planting Week, we want to get Canadians outside and planting pollinator-friendly gardens!

– Bees Matter is designating June 5th through June 12th as National Planting Week to get as many people planting pollinator-friendly gardens as possible.

– Honey bee populations are on the rise in Canada, but one of the things they need to help them thrive is access to nutritious pollen and nectar.

By planting a pollinator-friendly garden during National Planting Week, you can do your part to help honey bees and other pollinators thrive.

– For information about what flowers are best for planting in your province, visit

– Though you can plant your garden anytime during the spring, this week is a celebration of the pollinators that play a key role in producing a bountiful harvest for many of Canada’s farmers and the tasty foods that Canadians enjoy, including apples, blueberries and cucumbers.


– In addition to flowers, planting pollinator-friendly fruits and vegetables including apples, peas and cucumbers is also a great option, helping to attract pollinators while also producing nutritious food!

– Even if you don’t have access to a traditional garden, a small potted wildflower garden can be a great way to beautify your outdoor space, while helping feed pollinators like honey bees.

Through its Buzzing Gardens program, Bees Matter provides seed kits free of charge, which include a variety of seeds for plants

– Every Buzzing Gardens seed kit contains seeds from five varieties of flowering plants, all of which are native to Canada and recommended as non-invasive by Pollinator Partnership Canada.

– The seeds are specially selected because they are attractive and nutritious to honey bees, and can be grown in gardens all over the country.

– Every seed kit includes enough seeds to plant a five square foot garden.

– 2017 is the third year Bees Matter has given away Buzzing Gardens seed kits. In the first two years of the program, Bees Matter provided seeds for almost 70,000 gardens. This year, the program goal is to reach 100,000 seed kits.

– One of the easiest ways to help honey bees thrive is by ordering (and planting!) a free Buzzing Gardens seed kit full of flowers that are nutritious to honey bees.

– You can get your free Buzzing Gardens seed kit by visiting