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The Proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations / Report on What We Heard / Le projet de Règlement sur la salubrité des aliments au Canada / Rapport sur ce que nous avons entendu

From January to April 2017 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency held public consultations on the proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations. Over 1,700 submissions were received from businesses, consumers, governments and industry associations during this consultation period, which are summarized…
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Release of Thiamethoxam Proposed Pollinator Re-evaluation Decision and Proposed Registration Decision / Publication de projet de décision de réévaluation axée sur les insectes pollinisateurs et de projet de décision d’homologation concernant le thiaméthox

Health Canada has published a Proposed Re-evaluation Decision for thiamethoxam for a 90-day consultation period. Please find a copy, of the full re-evaluation document attached to this email.  The final re-evaluation decision will take into consideration any comments received during…
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