Individual Templates and Information Pages (ABRIDGED)

Abridged Handbook (suitable for beginners and beekeepers who do produce honey for personal use)


NOTE: if you have difficulty downloading any of these pages try switching browsers (ie. Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc.))

  • General records: 
    • Bee records:  
      • Bee: colony assessment:    information sheet (PDF )     table template (Excel / Word)
      • Bee: disease log (monitoring and treatment):    information sheet (PDF )     table template (Excel / Word)
      • Bee yard: maintenance log:    information sheet (PDF )     table template (Excel / Word)
      • Bee yard: map:    information sheet (PDF )    table template (Excel / Word)
      • Bee yard: off-hive disturbance record:    information sheet (PDF )     table template (Excel Word)
    • Honey records:  
      • Honey: removing full honey supers for extraction:    information sheet (PDF )     table template (Excel Word)
  • Inventory records:  
    • Inventory: feed/ medication – inventory and disposal record:    information sheet (PDF )     table template (Excel / Word)
    • Inventory: supply inventory and disposal (excluding feed, medications, hive equipment and bees):    information sheet (PDF)     table template (Excel / Word)