The Canadian Honey Council (CHC) is the national organization of the beekeeping industry.  It is a not for profit organization, established in 1940 and incorporated in 1950.

The Canadian Honey Council is the national association of beekeepers representing apiculturists across Canada. The CHC provides a forum where producers, packers, professionals, provincial associations and officials from different levels of government can talk and recommend action in the best interests of the Canadian honey bee industry.  Currently, the CHC membership consists of representatives of provincial associations with the total number of beekeepers at approximately 10,000 managing over 750,000 colonies.




The Government of Canada announced the removal of all COVID-19 entry // Le gouvernement du Canada a annoncé la levée de toutes les restrictions à l’entrée liées à la COVID‑19

September 2022

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Information sharing for agriculture and agri-food sector representatives – September 9, 2022 / Partage d’informations pour les représentants du secteur agricole et agroalimentaire – le 9 septembre 2022

September 2022

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URGENT ACTION for Operators of Establishments that Export Food to China -ACTION URGENTE pour les exploitants d’établissements qui exportent des denrées alimentaires vers la Chine – [MAS-SAM #7388]

August 2022

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HBHC – 8th Edition of the Tools for Varroa Management released

August 2022

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Exciting Summer Updates and New Resources Available – Pollinator Partnership Canada

August 2022

Take a break from the summertime heat and check out these exciting new updates from Pollinator Partnership Canada that YOU made possible!

Exciting Summer Updates and New Resources Available

Pollinator Partnership Canada | P2C

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Hivelights Summer 2022

Hivelights Summer 2022


HiveLights is the national magazine of the Canadian Honey Council. It is published four times a year and is mailed to all the members of our provincial associations. The magazine features articles by honey bee specialists and beekeepers and provides current information on the Canadian honey bee industry.


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BEEing Diverse: Inspiring Leaders in Beekeeping’ – Sept 30 and Oct. 1, Medina , Ohio

July 2022

We have an impressive lineup of speakers. The meeting will be held in our Bee Culture Conference Room. Watch these
pages and our web page for more details as we firm up the details. Register now at Store.BeeCulture.com/Events/.

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Canadian Bee Research Fund

AS Atwal Graduate Scholarship in Bee Research ($5000)

The Canadian Bee Research Fund (CBRF) was established to counteract the problems caused by severe reductions in federal and provincial funding for honey bee research. It is a joint project of the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists and the Canadian Honey Council. The Board of Directors is comprised of four members, two from CAPA and two from CHC. The Canadian Honey Council takes direction from the CBRF board of directors and administers the fund as required.

The CBRF has been set up as a long-term endowment fund. Interest generated by the CBRF is made available for annual grants. Beekeepers direct the type of research that they want to support. The CBRF is entirely supported by donations from the apiculture industry and is a unique partnership between CAPA researchers and CHC members.

Save Our Bees 

Bee health is an growing public concern and more and more attention is being put on finding solutions to mitigate losses.

The honeybee is the cornerstone of the environment and is critical to our food supply around the world. Scientists from the U.S.A. to France and Spain and all the way to U.K. and China are trying to solve the mystery of what’s causing the disappearance of the honey bee. Your help is needed to help our pollinators. Corporate and individual donations are very much appreciated … and we need you to help Save Our Bees. All funds (100%) donated to Save our Bees are deposited into the Canadian Bee Research Fund, a registered charity that distributes funds for bee health research.