The Canadian Beekeepers Council was formed in 1940 to assist in negotiating fair practices for labeling, grading, and marketing honey at the national level. The fledgling organization was underfunded and slow to communicate. It was difficult to respond to issues or develop the international markets that the members wanted. It was clear that there was a need for a higher profile and increased international recognition. In 1970 The Canadian Beekeepers Council decided to change its name to Canadian Honey Council (CHC). Currently, the CHC membership consists of representatives of Provincial Associations with the total number of beekeepers at approximately 10,000 managing over 750,000 colonies.

Hivelights Summer 2020 Newsletter


Coronavirus Disease  (COVID-19)


NEW – last updated 2020-08-03 – see below

Maintaining and supporting our beekeeping industry is crucial/critical during this time.

The Canadian Honey Council is closely monitoring developments as they impact our industry. We are working on an hourly basis in close liaison with the Canadian Government, provincial/territorial governments, and provincial bee associations to gather and share information and develop strategies for dealing with the emergent issues in our industry.

This site will be updated with the most recent information, developments and direction being provided as quickly as they are formalized.

An archive of all updates can be found at http://honeycouncil.ca/chc-news/covid-19/


NEW ***August 3, 2020

COVID-19 Weekly Information Update / Mise a jour de la semaine – AAFC  (July 31, 2020)

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We would like to send you a few updates regarding COVID-19 and ask you to share this information in your networks. Please continue to consult the AAFC website regularly for updates.

  1. CFIA statement on unrequested packages of seeds
  2. BC Food & Beverage (BCFB) – Protecting Our People program: NOW LAUNCHED NATIONALLY
  3. Government of Canada invests in measures to boost protections for Temporary Foreign Workers and Address COVID-19    Outbreaks on Farms

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Industry Engagement Division   Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada   Government of Canada

COVID-19 Weekly Information Update – July 31 – Mise à jour de la semaine – le 31 juillet (en)


Nous souhaitons vous faire part de quelques mises à jour concernant la COVID-19 et vous demandons de communiquer ces renseignements dans vos réseaux. Veuillez continuer à consulter régulièrement le site Web d’AAC pour les mises à jour.

  1. Déclaration de l’ACIA sur les emballages de semences non sollicités
  2. BC Food & Beverage (BCFB) – Programme “Protégeons nos employés”: MAINTENANT LANCÉ À L’ÉCHELLE NATIONALE
  3. Le gouvernement du Canada investit dans des mesures pour renforcer la protection des travailleurs étrangers temporaires (TET) et lutter contre les éclosions de COVID-19 sur les fermes


Division de la consultation du secteur  Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada   Gouvernement du Canada

COVID-19 Weekly Information Update – July 31 – Mise à jour de la semaine – le 31 juillet (fr)

……MORE.  An archive of all updates can be found at http://honeycouncil.ca/chc-news/covid-19/

Note: The CHC is providing information and asking question of Federal government departments daily so if you have a question or feel you can provide relevant information that will assist in mitigating some of the problems that the Covid-19 pandemic has created, please do not hesitate to contact the office or channel it through your provincial association.

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