Crossing Borders-New Research in Canada – Project Apis m.

Crossing Borders – New Research in Canada -Project Apis m.


Dear Friends and Researchers,

We hope everyone is having a safe and productive field season! We are excited to announce the awardees from the Costco Canada RFP, with three exciting new projects:

Dr. Renata Borba, “Promoting Alberta’s beekeeping industry sustainable growth through the expansion of the Tech Transfer Program.”

Dr. Stephen Pernal, “Field Trials of a New Acaricidal Compound Against Varroa destructor in Honey Bee Colonies.”

Dr. Albert Robertson, “Increasing Honey Bee Colony Survival Through Combined Miticide Treatments and Use of Varroa Tolerant Strains.”

Project Apis m. also welcomes a new Science Advisory Committee member, Dr. Marta Guarna to the team!


To learn more about these researchers and their projects, visit the full article here!


Best wishes,

-Project Apis m.

Crossing Borders-New Research in Canada 🇨🇦 (

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