HBHC – 8th Edition of the Tools for Varroa Management released

HBHC – 8th Edition of the Tools for Varroa Management released

Hello Honey Bee Health Coalition,

We are pleased to release the 8th edition of the Tools for Varroa Management Guide. Special thanks to our subgroup members (listed below) who spent countless hours reviewing the document and working together on virtual calls over the last 8 months.

This is a major revision to the Guide, which was last updated in 2018, and represents the latest state of the science on best management practices and registered products for controlling varroa.

Attached please find the updated Guide as well as the Press Release that will be go out today. Please share with your networks.

HBHC Releases 8th Edition Varroa Guide -Press Release_August-2022

HBHC Guide_Varroa Mgmt_8thEd-081622

Also, per the suggestion at our meeting in Michigan, we are working with NPSEC to print the Guide and distribute to those in the field that work closely with beekeepers. Please let me know if you would like printed copies and how many.

Review subcommittee:

  • Dr. Dewey M. Caron – Western Apicultural Society
  • Dr. Steven Cook – USDA, Agricultural Research Service
  • Dr. Tim Fredricks – Bayer Crop Science
  • Timothy Joseph – Landis International
  • Jennifer Lund – Maine Dept. of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry & Apiary Inspectors of America
  • Dr. Ulrike Marsky – Véto Pharma
  • Dr. Medhat Nasr –Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists
  • Robert M. Sears – Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association
  • Dr. Thomas Steeger – Ex-officio, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

All the best for a great day,



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Senior Project Director

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