Help Wanted: East Selkirk (MB)

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Help Wanted: East Selkirk (MB)

Apiary Supervisor 1 position (NOC 8252)
Minimum 3 years beekeeping experience preferred.
Wage range $14.00-$17.00 per hour.
Employment from November 2/2020 to November 30/2022

Apiary Technician/ Workers 3 positions (NOC 8431)
Wage range $12.25 - $14.00 per hour .
Employment from March 1/2021 to October 31/2021.
Minimum 1 year experience required.
Seasonal full time, days, evenings, Saturdays. Language is English.

Duties would be to handle, feed and care for bees; help in replacement of hives and production of nucs; move hives; collect honey; maintain and drive vehicles; maintain bee yard; manufacture, assemble and maintain beehive equipment; maintain and operate other apiary related equipment; Must be able to handle heavy loads, and work is physically demanding. Must work well with others, as well as the ability to maintain basic production records. Report to Supervisor. Would require steel toed safety boots.

Send resume by email to Address: Waldbee Honey Farms Inc. Box 9 Group 19 RRI, East Selkirk, MB. ROE OMO

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