Help Wanted - 2021, Glory Bee Honey Farms located in Langenburg and Esterhazy, SK

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Glory Bee Honey Farms (101034244 SK LTD) located in Langenburg and Esterhazy, SK has job openings for Apiary Technicians, Apiary Technician Assistants. These positions are available for fulltime (35+hrs/week) from April-October for the 2021 season. Also available is Honey Harvest labourer positions which is 2-3 months starting July-Sept for 2021.

Apiary Technicians (6 month position)

2-3 yrs experience necessary to apply.
Jobs include:
Help with spring check, do hive assessment and manipulation.
Help with pest and disease control
Help with grafting, building and looking after nucs
Help queens raise
Help with harvest
Help to apply medication and treatments
*Lifting is required

Apiary Technician Assistants (6 month position)

Jobs Include:
Help apiary technicians
Assemble equipment
Help super hives
Help harvest honey
Help keep field production records
Help maintain bee yards
Help with fall feeding, assessment and treatments.
Help to wrap bees.
*Lifting is required

Honey Harvest Labourers (2-3 month position)

To help with harvest and extraction of honey
Work in the bee yards pulling honey
Work in the extraction plant
Clean honey harvest equipment
*Lifting is required

Positions available from April 15, 2021 to October 31st 2021.
Applicants must be physically and mentally fit to work outdoors and with bees
Wages $11.45 -$17.00 per hour depending on experience.

To apply please email resume and references to: for more information.

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