Farmer Brown's Honey (Prince, SK) is hiring for the 2024 season.

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3 - Apiary Technicians/Workers - Minimum of 1-2 full seasons of apiary experience required.
Wage: $14.00 - $16.00 per hour depending upon experience.
Job includes: wrapping/unwrapping hives; spring and fall maintenance, feeding hives, creating nucleus colonies, queen-rearing, supering hives, adding and removing honeys supers (80+lbs) and carrying and stacking on the truck deck; extracting honey; moving hives; maintain bee yards and any other assorted apiary jobs that are required.
2 – Farm labourers: Students and others welcome. Wages: $14 – 15.00 per hour. (Employment period - July 15th – August 30th)
This job Includes: harvesting (supering hives, pulling honeys supers (up to 80+lbs) and carrying and stacking on the truck deck) and extracting honey. Successful candidates may be required to assist in other apiary/farm tasks.
Requirements: No formal education required but at least a Grade 10 education would be an asset. Have valid driver’s licence; have a vehicle to get back and forth to work. Experience driving a standard truck is an asset; to be in good physical condition and to be able to work in a team environment.
Please do not apply if you are allergic to bees!
Employment Details: Seasonal and full-time – Minimum of 35 hours per week.
Training is provided on a ongoing basis. Most tasks are performed outdoors in all kinds of weather, work is repetitive and physically demanding.
Work location: SW 14-46-17 W3, #3 Prince School Rd, Hamlet of Prince. The bee yards are located in the RM’s of Meota, North Battleford, Turtle River, Round Hill, and Douglas.

Mail or deliver your resume with references to:
Farmer Brown’s Honey
Site 4 Box 54 RR#3
North Battleford, SK
S9A 2X4

or email to:

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