2018 Agricultural Labour Market Information Survey

The 2018 LMI survey is here!

From October 12 to November 30, 2018, the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) is surveying stakeholders on the state of agricultural labour in Canada. We ask all owner-operators, agricultural workers and supporting stakeholder groups to take part to guide future action on the growing workforce crisis. Canada is one of the largest agriculture exporters in the world. However, our ability to produce food is being threatened by our inability to find and retain a qualified, reliable workforce. Every province and commodity in Canada is affected by the agriculture sector’s chronic and significant labour shortages. And these shortages will only intensify as the global market for Canadian agricultural products rapidly expands to meet the demands of a growing world population. Ongoing evaluation of the current labour market for Canada’s agricultural industry assists in quantifying shortages facing agriculture and accurately forecasting worker requirements. The research will also provide valuable information to job seekers, educators and government policymakers about current and future job opportunities, as well as inform agricultural employers about potential sources of workers for their operations. We appreciate your taking the time to provide input on agricultural workforce issues. We invite you to complete the online survey.

Help us find solutions to labour shortages in Canada by participating in the Labour Market Information research study TODAY.

A Backgrounder and CAHRC News Brief are provided for you to include in your newsletter or other communication efforts to encourage your members to make their voices heard by participating in the survey. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact Debra or Janet at any time. Thank you in advance for sharing this important information which will be used by policy makers to shape future agricultural labour decisions.   Best regards,


Debra Hauer Manager AgriLMI 613.745.7457 ext. 227 hauer@cahrc-ccrha.ca
Janet Krayden Stakeholder Engagement Specialist 613.745.7457 ext. 226 jkrayden@cahrc-ccrha.ca