Help Wanted: Parkland County, AB

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TPLR Honey Farms Ltd. requires four Apiary Technicians $17.44-19.00/hr, five Apiary Workers $17.44-18.25/hr needed full time (45+ hours/week) April-October 2023. Four Apiary Workers, $17.44-18.00/hr needed full time, 45+ hours/week July-September 2023 in Parkland County, Alberta at TPLR Honey Farms Ltd. Accommodations provided. Some evening, night and weekend work. All applicants must be in good physical condition and able to work in a team environment. The Apiary Technicians must have a minimum of 2+ years (seasons) full time in a Canadian style commercial apiary with a minimum of 1 year (season) working as an Apiary Worker or Apiary Technician. The Apiary Workers must be able to work in the presence of honey bees and will assist with honey bee colony management and honey extraction/processing. The Apiary Workers must have a minimum of 1+ years (seasons) of working in a Canadian style commercial apiary as an Apiary Harvester or Apiary Worker. TPLR Honey Farms Ltd., Tim Townsend, Parkland County, Alberta.

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